Updated 27 March 2015

Love or hate Earth Hour?


On Saturday 18 March from 20h30 – 21h30 local time everywhere, people around the globe are encouraged to switch off the lights for Earth Hour.

But, writes Health24's Environmental Editor Olivia Rose-Innes, while Earth Hour may have grown, it's always been dogged by criticism and sometimes outright ridicule.

To many, nothing smacks of middle-class greenie slacktivism quite like the notion that an hour of candle-light is going to make the slightest bit of difference to the state of the planet.

It's annoyed some people enough to start a counter-movement. “Human Achievement Hour” and “Edison Hour” encourage supporters to rather spend the time partying on with lights ablaze to symbolise the brilliance of technological innovation as humanity's only true hope for the future.

What is your take on this, especially considering the Eskom could possibly benefit from this voluntary 'load shedding'?

Read more on the hot debate about whether we should or shouldn't celebrate and protect Mother Earth with an hour of darkness and let us know your thoughts.


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