Updated 08 June 2015

Kids who can't stop coughing

A quick look at our cough expert page shows that many of you are struggling with persistent cough this winter, and that includes kids.

While there are good cough medicines available that are safe for kids, a spoonful of honey could well help if you've run out of options.

Researchers from Israel tested this natural remedy on 300 kids, aged one to five, by instructing their parents to gave their children 10 grams of one of three types of honey - including eucalyptus and citrus-based honey - half an hour before bedtime.

Parents reported that after giving honey to kids, their coughing was less frequent and less severe.

Researchers suggest that, because honey is rich in antioxidants, it may have some role in fighting whatever infection is causing the cold symptoms.

An added benefit is that everyone sleeps through the night. But remember, honey is not for infants, but certainly worth a try for toddlers.

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Image: child in bed with honey, Shutterstock


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