Updated 09 July 2015

Is your colleague ok?


Normally we know when our colleagues are not well. They'll come down with a sniffle and go home lunchtime, or phone in early saying they've been up all night with a tummy bug

But do we know whether our colleague is mentally ok? They could be stressed, depressed, or hide a more serious mental concern such as bipolar disease, ADHD or anxiety

While issues such as divorce, substance abuse, crime, feelings of inadequacy and psychological trauma can cause mental health problems, we may not know the signs. 

Look for these:

  Having difficulty working and cooperating with colleagues

  Problems with memory, decision-making and concentration

  Frequent late arrival or absence from work

  Tiredness and general malaise

  Anger and blame directed at co-workers

  Decreased productivity/poor performance

  Inaccuracy and lack of attention to safety

  Lack of interest in work

  Working a lot of extra hours

  Confused logic and expressing strange ideas

The good news is, there's always help, even if it doesn't come from your company

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