Updated 06 August 2015

If you can't smell these 5 things ...

... then you may be dying. 

An interesting study suggests that our sense of smell, or lack thereof, could be giving us clues about potentially catastrophic health issues. 

The study used five aromas: peppermint, orange, fish, rose and leather and found that an inability to distinguish these scents was a strong indicator of death within 5 years.

The researchers say that, because smell requires a frequent turnover of stem cells, diminishing capabilities here are a result of the body’s overall inability to regenerate itself. It s also associated with premature shortening of the telomeres which leads to accelerated ageing.

This has a clear link to neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer, which is a result of the improper growth of new cells.

So get yourself to the sweet shop, the grocer, the fish monger, the nursery and the tanner and put your sense of smell to the test! 


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