06 September 2016

Walking is great for your body and soul

Walking is great for your body and soul. Scientific research has shown that going for an outdoor stroll has many benefits. It clears away the cobwebs in your brain, gives your imagination and creativity a kick-start and ups your concentration levels. It promotes the production of the feel-good hormone cortisol and reduces stress. It lifts your mood and relieves the symptoms of major depression. It strengthens your bones by increasing their density. It expands your social networks and builds relationships. And, best of all, it’s completely free!


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How to beat triggers that make you crave a cigarette

You need to learn how to beat the behavioural, environmental and emotional triggers if you want to succeed in quitting smoking.

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Your showerhead may be bathing you in germs

You probably think showering will wash away dirt and germs, but your showerhead might dump nasty bacteria on you instead that may cause lung infections.