Updated 31 March 2016

Management hack for ADHD entrepreneurs

Management hack for ADHD entrepreneurs: Become a Minimalist. Transform your lifestyle into doing less than you should. The less you own, the less you have to worry about. When you convince yourself you have many tasks to accomplish in 24 hours, your attention could be stretched between meager jobs and important tasks, like running a business. By the time you realize it, you have no time for anything else because of your struggle to focus. The less clothes you have, the less ironing you have to do. Sell them at a yard sale. The less dishes you have, the less you have to wash. Give them away. And as far as business, take on only a few loyal clients or spread the workload across other employees. Hire students at a part-time bases or an internship reduce your expenses while meeting the workload. When battling ADHD and multiple tasks, always remember less is more. Source:


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