Updated 19 January 2016

Losing weight is up to you!

Slimmers dish up endless excuses to justify why they're not sticking to their diet or doing exercise. Do the following excuses sound familiar? - I don’t have time to jog/eat breakfast/shop for special low-fat foods. - I can’t prepare fancy diet meals, because my family won’t eat them. - I really stick to my diet all week and then pig out on weekend. Solution: Take a good, hard look at your attitude. Stop deceiving yourself and stick to your intentions. Losing weight is up to you!


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Gut health »

Can't lose weight? Blame it on your gut

Our nutrition experts weigh in on why gut health is such an important factor in weight loss, on World Obesity Day.

Sleep better »

Yes, there is such a thing as too much sleep

A new study confirms that too little sleep can impair your brain, but interestingly, too much sleep is also a problem.