14 March 2016

Laughter therapy

What is laughter therapy? Depression may not seem like such a laughing matter, but certain therapists believe they have struck upon the perfect solution to banish society’s malaise. Pioneered by the Indian physician Dr Madan Kataria, ‘laughter therapy’ has become a surprise hit amongst those looking to beat credit crunch stress through enjoyable yet strenuous exercise. Laughter therapy groups are a growing trend in the western world, with people seeking to banish their everyday concerns and fears through a variety of hearty chuckles, light giggles and rumbling belly-laughs. Though certainly not for the faint of heart, this form of therapy aims to promote a number of laughter-inspired health benefits. Developing group camaraderie through jokes, funny memories and, yes, chortling contests, laughter therapy is both fun and friendly, emphasizing that laughter needn’t be restricted to happy moments but can even boost the mind when it’s forced. Source:


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