04 July 2016

Develop a good attention span

If you want your child to develop a good attention span, it pays no to be distracted – for instance by your cellphone – while you’re playing with them. A new study shows that an infant’s ability to pay attention is negatively affected if they play with adult caregivers whose eyes constantly wander instead of being focused on the object of play. Learning to sustain attention is important for small children and is linked to future success in areas such as language acquisition and problem-solving.


Live healthier

Gut health »

Can't lose weight? Blame it on your gut

Our nutrition experts weigh in on why gut health is such an important factor in weight loss, on World Obesity Day.

Sleep better »

Yes, there is such a thing as too much sleep

A new study confirms that too little sleep can impair your brain, but interestingly, too much sleep is also a problem.