26 October 2015

Admit your flaws and take action

We all have flaws and that’s fine, we just have to accept that. Yet, some people’s flaws can interfere with their life and become an obstacle that stands between them and their happiness. If you have a flaw that is becoming a problem, it is time to admit that you need to change. You might have a foul temper, an issue with food, be cripplingly jealous or be going through a wild phase that has become out of control. Whatever your flaw, remember that you will be unable to love yourself until you address these issues and you will feel a million times better about yourself if you seek some help. Chin up, you've got this!


Live healthier

Infancy »

Antibiotics during infancy may up childhood obesity risk

New research suggests that babies who are prescribed antibiotics before they're two years old may be more likely to become obese.

Seasonal changes »

Is your home making you sick?

Should you get injected for hay fever?

Is your medication struggling to keep your seasonal allergy symptoms in check? There is a shot for hay fever – and this is what you need to know.