Updated 05 August 2015

Free diver champ vanishes

How long can you hold your breath? Do you think you could ever make it to 9 minutes?

Probably not, but that's how long Russian freediver Natalia Molchanova could.

The 53-year old freediving champion was recreationally diving off the coast of Spain at a depth of between 30 and 40 metres when she presumably got separated from her peers by a strong underwater current, and vanished. 

Natalia is the only female free diver in history to break the 100 metre barrier, so a dive of 30 to 40 metres is well within her scope of experience.

That was Sunday and despite extensive searches, she has still not been found.

Her son, 28 year old Alexey Molchanov who, like his mother is a champion diver, told the New York Times that he believes she will stay lost at sea."It seems she'll stay in the sea. I think she would like that."

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