16 April 2018

Young woman gets devastating diagnosis after going to dentist for toothache

A woman who went to see her dentist with toothache was devastated to learn she actually has cancer.

A woman who went to see her dentist with toothache was devastated to learn she actually has cancer.

Lauren Neilly, from Ballymena in Ireland, also had a small cut that wouldn’t heal, reports Daily Record.

After a few tests the 23-year-old woman, who also suffered from exhaustion, was told that she has acute myeloid leukemia – a type of blood cancer, according to WebMD.

The bank worker was immediately taken to Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where she’s undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Her mom, Samantha, says her daughter is in absolute shock over her diagnosis.

"She's had a horrendous few days. Every day there was something new, every day something was thrown at us,” Samantha says.

"She's had her bone marrow test, which was very painful for her, and she's started chemo.

"The doctors are happy but she's very tired. Her hair's come away now, which as you know for a young woman is especially tough."

According to The Sun Lauren, who’s due to marry her fiancé Ben next year, has been working for Barclays Bank for only 10 months, which means the company will pay for only two months of full sick leave.

"We don't blame Barclays for this either. It's not Barclays' fault, it's company policy. It’s just bad luck – everything about this is bad luck. We're honestly just blown away by what people are doing for us,” Samantha says.

In an attempt to help Lauren and her student fiancé financially, her colleagues are climbing the mountains around their hometown.

"We’re hoping to raise enough funds to cover Lauren's salary to help pay her rent, bills and provide enough money so her family need not worry,” her colleagues wrote on her GoFundMe page.

"Lauren and Ben are getting married next summer and this should be such an exciting time for them, planning their wedding, and we want this to be the focus for them.

"Any funds left over will help with the cost of Lauren and Ben's wedding that’s booked for next year."






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