Updated 30 November 2017

Woman accidentally overdoses on ecstasy

“In a moment of madness” a 20-year-old woman from Colchester, England, took a lethal substance that caused her death.


“In a moment of madness” a 20-year-old woman from Colchester, England, took a lethal substance that caused her death.

Now Amy Virgus’ family want to warn people against taking drugs via a video about her life, Daily Records reports.

“Learn from Amy’s mistake,” the video voiceover says.

According to Daily Records, Amy was attending a music festival in East London on 19 August when she took a pill containing MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy.

Amy’s body rejected the MDMA, which “led to her being violently sick and fitting multiple times,” the voiceover explains.

On 20 August Amy collapsed at her home following respiratory arrest.

Her parents tried to perform CPR to save her life, the Mirror reports.

“Amy was taken to Colchester General Hospital and immediately escorted to resuscitation,” the voiceover explains.

“She was taken to the intensive care unit. She was very, very unwell.

“Our Amy fell into a coma. She lay there, hair [extensions] in, eyelashes on, glitter in her hair but no smile on her face.

“She’ll never know the pain she’s caused.”

The toxicology report and post-mortem confirmed that Amy had taken a fatal dose of MDMA, which caused her death.

Amy also suffered a hypoxic brain injury. According to, this is when the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen.

The video includes pictures of Amy throughout her life from when she was baby. Her personality is described as “cheeky, mischievous, adventurous and caring”.

The heartbreaking video, titled Our Amy, has been posted on Facebook and was viewed more than 1,6 million times in 24 hours, according to Daily Records.

With this video Amy’s family want to highlight the dangers of party drugs and hope other kids learn from the mistake their daughter made.

“Colchester Intensive Care Unit provided amazing care for Amy when she was taken to hospital. We can’t thank the staff enough for their incredible support and attention they gave Amy and her family.

“The next time you’re in that moment, please stop and think about our Amy and the consequences of her mistake on herself and her family she’s left behind.”

 Sources: Daily RecordsMirrorEssex Live




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