Updated 23 August 2017

WATCH: I’m just too good to be true! Ripped bodybuilder can’t help checking himself out after sighting CCTV camera

He couldn't resist stripping down and flexing his considerable pecs

If you’ve got it, flaunt it – even if it’s at the grocery store!  Bodybuilder Blessing Awodibu, from Castlebar, Ireland, couldn’t resist stripping down and flexing his considerable pecs in the aisle of a supermarket recently and the hilarious clip has now gone viral.

Awodibu appears to be browsing for some tasty baked treats when he suddenly spots himself on a CCTV camera screen right next to the security camera and does a double take, barely able to conceal his glee at seeing himself on the screen.

After testing out the waters – by showing off his biceps – the bodybuilder puts down the packet of coffee he’s carrying and goes into full poser mode. First he checks around to make sure no one is watching then proceeds to take off his vest and even goes so far as to rub his ripped six-pack. He proudly shows off his huge arms, torso and ultra-muscular back. After spotting a shopper coming down the aisle, Awodibu quickly grabs his vest, slings it over his shoulder and makes a run for it.

The Irishman posted the entertaining clip on Instagram and captioned it; “When a bodybuilder notices the CCTV screen.” The video has been viewed more than 400 000 times.

“I love this one! He's a pro bodybuilder,” says one Instagram user.

“I've watched this so many times. It doesn't get old!” Says another