Updated 07 October 2017

WATCH: Dentist films himself removing his own tooth

The DIY dentist said he was in pain from a wisdom tooth that had not fully emerged from the gum.


A dentist has revealed the painful truth behind removing wisdom teeth in a gruesome video where he extracts one of his own.

Dental surgeon Rustam Yakhyaev performed the bloody operation at his clinic in Surgut, in central Russia’s Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug region.

The explicit clip he shared online starts with the medic injecting himself with a local anaesthetic.

Then, after his face grows numb, he uses a combination of probes and clamps to lever the tooth out of his gum in his lower right jaw.

The tooth can be seen falling out of Dr Yakhyaev’s mouth before he uses a surgical needle to sew up the gaping hole it left behind.

As he completes the surgery, a bloody smear is left on his right cheek.

The grim video is enough to leave anyone who fears a trip to the dentist in horror.

But it has clocked up more than 23,000 views on the surgeon’s social media account.

The DIY dentist said he was in pain from a wisdom tooth that had not fully emerged from the gum.

“I performed an MRI which made it clear that the tooth should be removed. I didn’t have time and the tooth bothered me,” he said.

“Without doing too much thinking I decided to remove it myself, turned on the camera on my phone and created all the necessary conditions.”

He claims that it wasn’t the first time he has extracted one of his own teeth and had previously pulled one from his upper jaw.

One social media watcher, Cheboksari Cheboksari, said: “Look what condition Russian medicine is in, doctors have no time or money to get proper treatment.”

While another, identified as Spec18, expressed their admiration by adding: "What a maaan!"

Sources: Magazine Features