14 December 2017

Transgender man gives birth for a second time

Kaci Sullivan is the first person to give birth to a child first as a woman and now also as a man

A transgender man from Wisconsin in the US has given birth to his second child – four years after transitioning.

It’s believed Kaci Sullivan is the first person to give birth to a child first as a woman and now also as a man.

Kaci already has one child with his ex-husband, a little boy called Grayson (5), to whom he’d given birth while he was living as a woman, reported The Sun.

And after seven days of labour recently Kaci underwent a Caesarean section before welcoming his youngest child, Phoenix.

He and partner Steven (27) have chosen not to reveal the baby’s gender and will raise the child as gender neutral.

The 30-year-old business student has faced some abuse online for being a trans parent, but was determined to break the stigma around trans parenthood, according to The Independent.

“The moment the baby came out and I got to hear them cry was indescribable,” Kaci said. “It’s incredible to think that I had made this little human.

“After 26 weeks of morning sickness and seven days in labour it was such a beautiful moment.

“We are just so happy and grateful, and enjoying spending time together as a family. The baby is delightful, loving and sweet.

“The connection I’ve felt to them throughout my pregnancy has been an incredible privilege and the last nine months have brought my partner and I so close together.”

When Kaci was pregnant with Grayson he’d hoped it would make him feel more feminine.

“Throughout the experience I prayed to connect with womanhood, to identify with what was happening to my body, but I couldn’t,” he said. 

“I felt so hopeless and lost. I wanted to die. I fell into such a dark place and I was terrified to bring a baby into that darkness with me.

“But the moment they put him in my arms it was bliss. Immediately I loved him like I’d never loved anything or anyone and I felt such a surge of duty towards him.”

Kaci has documented his pregnancy on Facebook and on a YouTube channel, My Trans Pregnancy, as a source of encouragement for other trans parents.

He said: “As my bump grew bigger and bigger I got nervous going out in public because people would stare. They noticed my abnormal shape.

“There was a lot of anxiety but the most important thing for me was sending the message that pregnancy is not a gendered thing.”

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