Updated 18 October 2017

Traditional healer busted for performing illegal abortions for R700

A collective effort was made to bust the traditional healer masquerading as a professional doctor and performing illegal abortions.

A traditional healer has been busted for performing illegal abortions and charging R700 per procedure.

In a joint operation, the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA), the Hawks and the Medicines Control Council (MCC) were able to apprehend the bogus practitioner in Malelane, Mpumalanga.

A small dark room

The traditional healer, Abubakari Kaweesa, was operating under the pseudonym of Dr J Rajab and after an undercover agent contacted him to confirm if he does pregnancy terminations for R700, the agent visited his premises where money was exchanged.

Kaweesa was subsequently arrested and taken into custody at the Malelane police station.

Authorities searched the premises and found boxes of pamphlets advertising his services and medication. The location where he carried out the terminations was a small dark room where a mattress had been placed on the floor and traditional furnishings were on display.

There were no signs of pregnancies being terminated at the time of inspection.

Bogus practitioners

After his first appearance, Ugandan-born Kaweesa was denied bail. His next court appearance has been scheduled for 18 October.

After the HPCSA established their Inspectorate Office, they have increased efforts to clamp down on bogus practitioners around the country. The council has warned bogus practitioners to stop pretending that they are healthcare professionals and putting the lives of vulnerable people at risk.

The public should also be wary of these bogus practitioners, and should anyone suspect their healthcare professional is not who they claim to be, they should check with the HPCSA before putting themselves in danger by being treated by an unlicensed practitioner.

Image credit: iStock