16 May 2018

The impact of menopause on your sex life

Study reveals that majority of postmenopausal women find no pleasure within their sexual relationships


A recent study conducted on a woman’s sexuality shows that 50 per cent of postmenopausal women have serious problems in the bedroom.

The study reveals that majority of postmenopausal women find no pleasure within their sexual relationships, mostly because they experience vaginal discomfort during an intercourse due to the dryness. Dr Trudy Smith and Dr Carol Thomas, experts specialising in women’s health say a lot of women suffer in silence thinking that there’s something wrong with them. The experts say that there are treatments available, making the condition manageable. 

“The changes that happen in the body as a result of menopause are normal, and there is no need to suffer in silence. Women need to be encouraged to ask for assistance, and not to be embarrassed. Convenient treatments are available and consumers need to speak to their doctor or pharmacist about their options,” Carol explains.

 Out of the 21 percent women who participated in the research, most of them had positive things to say about the treatment, and their men were also happy about the results. Trudy says patients have an option to choose a treatment that’s convenient for them, she says the local oestrogen therapy be directly administered directly into the vagina, or patients can be given vaginal tablets, cream or ring.

“Only small doses of oestrogen are needed to treat vaginal symptoms of menopause, and the vaginal response to local oestrogen therapy may be long-lasting, provided that you take it as indicated,” she explains.




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