Updated 21 August 2017

She was so overweight she was too embarrassed to go on dates with her husband – but look at her now!

"I ate everything in sight.”


A woman who once weighed 120kg says she felt so disgusted with herself and was “too embarrassed for her husband” to be seen out with him.

She now enjoys a romantic night out with him – after losing a staggering 44kg.

Becci Berry, from Great Manchester, England, piled on 19 kg after munching on more than 120 packets of chips a month, after she gave birth to her daughter, Aimee, in 2013.  

"I ate everything in sight,” says Becci, “I did it to make myself feel better and I ended up gaining a ridiculous amount of weight.”

The 32-year-old would eat takeaways and have multiple chocolate bars a day – which left her way too embarrassed to go on dates with her husband, Richard (40).

"I felt disgusting,” says Becci. “I didn't like what I saw and I thought; why would he [her husband, Richard] want to go out with someone so big and disgusting?”

Becci, who often went to the park with her two kids, would sit and watch them because she felt too overweight and self-conscious to play with them.

The turning point came when she was unable to get her work trousers over her knees while getting ready for her first day back at work. Instead, the occupational therapist wore her maternity pants.

That’s when she felt broken and vowed to change.

"I thought, I've got to do something now, this is disgusting,” she says. “That's when I found the nearest Weight Watchers meeting and took it from there."

After joining Weight Watchers in 2013, Becci dropped 44 kg and now happily takes her kids to the park and plays with them.

She also goes to the gym regularly – something she previously absolutely hated doing.

After waving goodbye to the weight, Becci feels better than ever and can now enjoy romantic meals with her husband. She also admits to feeling way more comfortable getting dressed in front of him again.

"I go out with my husband now and I don't feel embarrassed for him anymore. He was never bothered, it was me who was,” she says.

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