03 November 2017

She was so overweight she battled to breathe – but look at her now!

“I had respiratory problems, gastritis, I suffered from prejudice and I could not physically exercise due to my weight.”

She lost a staggering 57 kg after her struggle with numerous health problems sparked her to make drastic lifestyle changes. 

Camila Quintela, from Brazil, constantly battled with her weight growing up, and her family’s long history of obesity didn’t help her much either.

“My family has a history of contracting diseases caused by obesity, including respiratory problems,” says Camila. 

At her heaviest weight of 127 kg, her self-esteem plummeted, which left her feeling lonely and depressed.

Camila, who’s a digital influencer, would regularly eat fast food meals and hardly set a foot in the gym. But the decline in her health triggered her new sense of empowerment and the brunette beauty shrunk down to an incredible 69 kg.

“I had respiratory problems, gastritis, I suffered from prejudice and I could not physically exercise due to my weight,” she wrote. 

She underwent gastric bypass surgery, which she used as a tool to change her unhealthy lifestyle. Now, the 33-year-old eats healthier and trains every day of the week – even attending dance lessons three times a week.  

“I now eat protein, vegetables, fruits, whole food and I very rarely snack on candy or fatty food.

“Now I have faith in my body and in my health. I have a disposition, quality of life and I find all the clothes I like, because I know they will fit me,” she says. 

Although she adopted a healthier diet, she admits that the process of giving up her favourite treats was a rather difficult experience.

“To give up the bad food I liked so much was the hardest thing about losing weight. But I have now adapted to healthy eating and I do not miss it anymore,” she said.

Camila revealed that her self-esteem has improved immensely and she feels healthier and happier than before.

“Some people do not recognize me. And they are all very surprised and happy with my change and are inspired to change as well.

“My self-esteem has improved greatly, and I am now super-confident, in addition to greatly improving my aesthetic shape, I am now healthier on the inside,” says Camila.

Sources: Magazine Features