10 September 2018

SEE: Where do those hangover cures come from?

Since time immemorial mankind has tried to find a cure for the dreadful hangover – and come up with some weird and wonderful concoctions in the process.

Over the years, we've tried many different combinations to cure those dreadful hangovers – for example greasy food, black coffee, and drinking even more alcohol.

Occasionally we get caught up in the festive mood and just carry on drinking... We lose the ability to say "no, thank you" and start accepting drinks and shooters left, right and centre – ignoring any signs of protest from our beleaguered bodies.

That's when lining our stomach, popping paracetamol and drinking litres of water throughout the night doesn't make a bit of difference.

Next morning we end up feeling like our heads want to explode, like our stomachs are trying to claw their way right out of our bodies, while sweating out every drop of alcohol we consumed the night before.

Some of us try many different combinations to cure hangovers – from eating strange animal body parts, like pickled sheep's eyes, raw eels or bitter almonds, to drinking strange concoctions. We even try the radical "hair of the dog" cure – even more alcohol, consumed with the purpose of mitigating the effects of our hangover.




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