23 July 2018

SEE: Leech therapy saves woman's nose after botched surgery

After 'treating' herself to a nose job for her 40th birthday, a woman was forced to resort to leech therapy to save her nose after the procedure went seriously wrong.

When going for a surgical procedure, you need to be confident that the doctors know what they're doing – and even more so when the procedure is going to affect the way you look.

Shari Manchon decided to "treat" herself to a nose job for her 40th birthday, but little did she know that her birthday present would go pear shaped.

After the surgery, while the healing process was taking place, Manchon noticed that her nose had developed a "polly beak" deformity – the tip started looking like a parrot's beak – and she had lost circulation, which resulted in the front part of her nose turning purple and ice cold.

Manchon also started suffering from many sinus-related infections.

She decided to consult with celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr Paul Nassif from the television series Botched, and took his advice to get leech therapy treatment.

Three days after undergoing the leech therapy treatment, Manchon regained circulation to the tip of her nose and once she was done with the full course of therapy, she could breathe much better than before.

Manchon's occupation is make-up artistry, and she is now using various social media platforms to spread the news about the wonders of leech therapy treatment and how it has helped her.




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