13 September 2016

QUIZ: Are you the ultimate health genius?

Do you think you know a lot about your health? Here's your chance to prove your knowledge by doing our 10 Health Challenge quizzes.


Over the past ten weeks we have tested your health knowledge with our regular Sunday Health Challenge.

The series was designed to not only test how much you know in a fun way, but also to help people to make informed decisions about their health.

From next week onward the Health Challenge will be released on Wednesdays – mid-week to keep your brain sharp. In the meantime, here's our round-up of the Sunday Health Challenge. Click on each Week to try the quizzes.

Try Week 1's quiz

Find out what sexually transmitted infection (STI) is the most common and what percentage of South Africans will experience a depressive disorder at least once during their lifetime.

Try Week 2's quiz

Out of every 1 000 children, how many are born with cerebral palsy? Do the quiz and find out.

Try Week 3's quiz

Which international celebrity made the following statement at the international AIDS conference: “The truth is we have every tool to prevent spread of HIV.”? The answer is in the Sunday Health Challenge.

Try Week 4's quiz

Find out what urinary incontinence is and what PMS stands for. This quiz is full of basic health knowledge.

Try Week 5's quiz

Which celebrities suffer from asthma, and what is Hepatitis B? The answers are in this quiz.

Try Week 6's quiz

From injuries at the Olympic games to the inability to talk in certain situations; this week's health challenge is packed with informative health facts.

Try Week 7's quiz

What does the acronym HPV stand for? What is a gallstone? Click now to find out.

Try Week 8's quiz

Deadlifts are lifts made from a standing position, without the use of a bench or other equipment. Which celebrity once picked up a 210 kg steel bar? Find out by doing our quiz.

Try Week 9's quiz

A woman with two vaginas, a Mediterranean diet and cervical cancer are just some of the topics covered this week.

Try Week 10's quiz

What is the size of an average erect penis? You know you want to know by doing the quiz!




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