Updated 10 August 2017

MY STORY: I made the brave choice to keep my leg

This young lady inspired us, here's to self love and women empowerment.


My name is Madimo Mokgosi back in 2013 I had a liver transplant and  my liver has been doing awesomely well, 2015 I was diagnosed with a rare disease called lymphadema. Lymphadema is a swelling in the arm or leg caused by lymphatics blockage. treatment can help but there is no cure for it, I wear a compression sock to compress the swelling down. I remember putting pressure on my doctor because I just did not like the comments I received regarding my leg. Came across people assuming that I had an artificial leg and that I was beautiful but the problem is that I had a leg bigger than the other one. My doctor asked me if I would rather amputate or keep the leg the way it is.

I then realized that often we tend to do things because of how people feel about us, which should never be the case because self acceptance matters more. I decided to keep my leg the way it is I do work out to keep the swelling from getting worse and have nicknamed myself to “uBabesWEsockis” which means girl in a sock. I am happy, I am confident and I hope my story encourages ladies who feel they need to hide behind any disease or how they look. If no one can accept you the way you look then they do not love you.




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