18 December 2017

Mother donates organs of unborn baby

Doctors advised termination of the pregnancy to avoid the trauma of a still-birth, but the determined mother wants to carry the baby to term.

Hayley Martin (30) has decided to give the greatest Christmas gift of all – the organs of her unborn baby to another dying child.

The brave mother from Hull, East Yorkshire was informed at her 20-week scan that her baby would die mere moments after birth, according to Daily Mail.

Doctors advised termination of the pregnancy to avoid the trauma of a still-birth, but the determined mother and her husband Scott want to carry the baby to term.

The couple wish to donate their baby’s organs to newborns in desperate need of a transplant, reports Mirror.

Hayley is likely to be induced during Christmas week and she hopes her baby’s organs can save another life.

In another show of kindness, she vowed to donate a kidney in the name of her baby – Ava-Joy – as soon as she’s recovered from the birth.

Hayley wants to prevent other parents from experiencing what she has to go through: “Our child is going to die no matter what, but if we can try and save somebody else the grief we’re going through, it will all be worth it.

“It wasn’t an easy decision but it was the right decision, and it’s helped me cope with the heartbreak.

“A part of her will live on, she won’t be completely gone. She’ll be alive in somebody else.

“It’s her Christmas gift to other poorly babies. And I want to donate my kidney too because Ava will be born without any to donate. I want to give one in her honour.”

Hayley and Scott are already the proud parents of three children and they were ecstatic to discover Hayley is pregnant with their fourth.

“I remember our first scan picture and we could just see this little baby who looked like they were waving – it was so beautiful,” said Hayley.

A 20-week scan revealed the child wouldn’t survive labour.

Ava-Joy was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder – bilateral renal agenesis.

This means Ava-Joy has no lungs or bladder which is undoubtedly fatal.

Despite her strength, Hayley admits the thought of losing the baby is heartbreaking.

“I try to be as honest as possible and have a rehearsed speech prepared, but at times I can't help but fall apart and cry – especially when strangers congratulate me in the supermarket or at the shops,” she said. 

The Martins want to hold a special funeral for the baby and have made use of Crowdfunding to raise the funds.

“We want to show her how important she is,” said Hayley. 

“I’m not going to be able to ever give her a birthday or Christmas present – all the stuff a mother should be able to do – so the funeral is really important to me.

“We want to say goodbye in a way that mirrors just how special and loved she truly is.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror, Metro