Updated 28 May 2018

Mother-and-daughter duo diagnosed weeks apart beat the Big C

'When I first found a lump I never imagined it would be cancer, but my shock diagnosis prompted mom's diagnosis eight weeks later as she also found a lump.'

A brave mother and daughter who were diagnosed with cancer weeks apart have now beat the disease after two years of treatment.

Lucy Eardley (37) was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2016, and just eight weeks later her mom, Angela Bucknell (64), was told the same dreaded news.

The pair needed urgent treatment to save their lives and Lucy underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy.

'We stayed positive'

But the mom and daughter remained positive, with Angela claiming Lucy had saved her life after urging her to seek medical attention after finding a lump.

Now, two years later, they’re victorious in their battle against cancer.

Lucy, a receptionist and mom to seven-year-old Holly and four-year-old Charlie, from Macclesfield in the UK said it was devastating to discover both she and her mom had cancer at the same time.

"When I first found a lump, I never imagined it would be cancer, but my shock diagnosis prompted mom's diagnosis eight weeks later as she also found a lump.

"Despite both being petrified we stayed positive during it all. I was even laughing and smiling as my head was being shaved.

"My cancer was fast growing and aggressive and I knew I'd need chemotherapy to survive.

"I had an operation to remove the lump and my mom needed the same thing before starting her radiotherapy."

'We'd always pick each other up'

Lucy had just started her chemotherapy when her mom was diagnosed. She says it was a scary time, but thankfully Angela’s cancer was at an earlier stage and she didn't need to undergo the same gruelling treatment.

Lucy says the pair used humour to cope with their diagnoses and often found themselves laughing during treatments.

"We'd always pick each other up when the other was down. It was an awful experience but it felt incredibly comforting that I had my mom going through the same [thing].

"Most of our treatments were on the same day and although we weren't always at the same hospital, we were always checking up on each other."

Angel says she’s grateful she had her daughter by her side through this journey.

"Lucy's positive and brave attitude from the very beginning definitely helped me overcome my fears.

"We'll both need check-ups every year to ensure our breast cancer hasn't returned.

"I couldn't be happier that two years after our journeys began we can both say we're cancer-free."