Updated 08 June 2018

Married dad of three loses five years of memories overnight

A dad of three loses five years of precious memories – wakes up with no idea of who his wife and kids are.

Adam Gonzales, from Arizona, US, stunned specialists by forgetting everything about his wife Raquel and their three children.

One morning in September 2016, the mom of three walked into her lounge area to find her husband dazed and confused, reports the BBC.

He knew nothing

Raquel says her husband spoke to her as if she was a stranger and seemed to not know her.

"I asked him: 'Do you know where you are? Do you know what year this is? Do you know what my name is?' And he said 'No' to all these things."

"I could tell that the more I asked, the more upset he was becoming."

She then tried to reassure him that she was his wife and that they were raising three beautiful kids together but Adam burst into tears.

Raquel then decided to take Adam to the hospital and instructed him to get dressed but even that proved to be a struggle for the dad.

As he went looking for clothes, a puzzled Adam asked Raquel where his suits were. She then explained to him that he doesn’t have suits and that he is a personal trainer, reports Daily Mail.

Still missing three years

After arriving at the hospital, Adam underwent MRI’s, CAT scans and echocardiograms but doctors still couldn’t figure out what had happened to him.

Astonishingly, three months later Adam woke up one morning and remembered who Raquel was again. He then apologised for something that had occurred while they were still dating.

Although he’s slowly regaining his memory, the personal trainer is still missing three years of important memories, including the moment he said “I do” to Raquel.

"Adam is now home, with his wife and family, but has no recollection of 2012–2016,” the couple’s GoFundMe page reads.

“This includes his wedding day, daddy-daughter dances, vacations, baptisms, and other key events, along with his career as a personal trainer. 

Not the first time

“Adam and Raquel are beginning to date and rebuild their “new” lives together but the road ahead will be long and full of challenges for the whole family, which includes 3 amazing teenagers.”

But this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to Adam.

After he got divorced from his first wife, Adam ended up in an abusive relationship. On one occasion his then-girlfriend hit him with a metal object and strangled him with an electric cord – leaving him for dead, reports Mirror News.

Adam spent four months in a coma and after waking up he had no idea he’d had two children from his previous marriage or that he and his wife had split.

"When I woke up I didn't know who I was – I didn't know I’d been married and divorced or had two children,” says Adam.

During this first episode he spent months in hospital learning to walk again and was re-introduced to his son and daughter again.

"How could a father, a dad, forget his biological children?" he said.


Image credit: Facebook/Adam Y Raquel Gonzales