Updated 18 August 2017

Man shows what a muscle cramp looks like in toe-curling video

"This is what a cramp looks like”


As any gym bunny will know, experiencing a cramp in your legs after a workout is never fun – but actually seeing your muscle wriggle around under your skin makes it so much worse.

Facebook user Angel Bermudez shared a video post of himself experiencing a cramp after his workout, which he recorded on his smartphone camera. 

In the video, the cramp ripples and contracts for the duration of the 52-second clip while Angel, from Calafornia, cries out in pain and tries to explain what’s happening to him.

"This is what a cramp looks like,” Angel can be heard saying in the video. "Oh my God, it won't stop – I'm not doing anything.”

The cringe-worthy video has received over 18 million views and shared more than 200 000 times on Facebook.

“That has been the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my whole life, a user commented.

“Stand up ‘n stretch that out!” another wrote. 

According to MedicineNet, a cramp occurs when exercising, resting, or even when you’re fast asleep night. 

Dehydration is also a common cause of cramps – but it can be cured with a stretch.