Updated 20 July 2016

Who has the best health policy: ANC, DA or EFF?

How do you decide who to vote for in the upcoming local government elections? We have made it easier by comparing the health policies of the biggest political parties.


Local government elections are around the corner and on 3 August most of us will make the important decision on who to vote for. Analysts are predicting it will be a tight race in many of the big metros and even some smaller municipalities.

Many factors will influence our decision: service delivery, corruption, job creation, growth of local economies, safety, education and many other pertinent issues.  

And for many of us quality healthcare is right among the top issues. We have done some investigation into the policies of the ANC, DA and EFF and have asked the parties to explain their policies.

To broaden your choice we have included focus points from the smaller parties FF+ and IFP.

Health policy per party:

health policy table


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