17 December 2018

Technology improves health management

In Limpopo health institutions, technology is making it easier to communicate with clients, keep their information safe, and reduce conflicts due to missing data.

Health institutions should trust technology to improve efficiency, says the Limpopo-based Folang Medical Centre.

The centre, which has a diabetes and HIV clinic and offers medication and manages chronic conditions, is aiming to go fully digital early next year.

Reducing the issue of files

“As a medical centre, we are hoping to go fully paperless by the end of February. We are in the second phase where we are integrating total management of our clients,” explained the centre’s manager Makgabo Senoamadi.

This means patients will know when they are due for renewal of scripts, their next appointment, will be able to track their medication and manage their conditions with ease.

“The systems will also be used at the reception desk to reduce the issue of files. Losing a file means losing data, so it will be super if we have all the info in the cloud,” she explained.

Total care management

Senoamadi added that the system will ensure that clients’ payments are in order and they are charged for the right procedures and services, which would reduce potential conflict with medical aids.

“Technology is making it easier to communicate with clients, keep their information safe, and reduce conflicts due to missing data. Total care management, means a lot of communication and the right information.

“We wish everyone could have trust in technology. We believe it will make things easier and save time,” she said. 

Meanwhile, the centre’s founder Dr Putswana Senoamedi was recently recognised by the Alliance of South African Independent Practitioners Associations in the National Medical Awards 2018 for embracing digital solutions to achieve better experiences for patients.  - Health-e News

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