Updated 21 February 2018

Smoking just got a lot pricier - here's the why and how of quitting

Tobacco has numerous harmful effects on our internal organs, especially the heart and lungs. Soon these products will be harming your bank balance too.

South Africa's numbers for non-communicable diseases are continuing to soar, with the use of tobacco products adding to this upward trend.

Finance minister, Malusi Gigaba, addressing Parliament in his budget speech today, announced that for 2018 sin tax will indeed hurt our pockets – and that the price of cigarettes will increase by between 6 and 10%.

While many people are of the opinion that a bit of smoking can't do too much harm, the effects of even a few cigarettes are a lot more harmful than we realise. Perhaps if the price is too steep and the toll it takes on your body too high, you may want to try giving smoking the boot.

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