11 December 2018

Sisters supplying disadvantaged schoolgirls in Ikageng with sanitary pads

Plans are to reach every school in Ikageng, and then expand across the North West so that every schoolgirl can be provided with sanitary pads.

Queening, a movement started by sisters Sibongile and Fikile Mngxitama aims at addressing the sanitary pads crisis faced by school girls in townships and rural areas in North West.

Since the movement started in September this year, it has provided over 40 schoolgirls with two packets of pads each at Nanogang Primary Sschool every month.

Need to educate young girls

Sibongile, who is the CEO of Queening, says their plans are to reach every school in Ikageng, and then expand across the North West. Currently the movement collects pads from community members, and distributes them to schools.

“I was shocked to learn that there are school girls that miss school just because they have their periods and cannot afford pads. That's when me and my sister decided to start this initiative, to ensure girls don't miss school just because they have their periods,” said Sibongile.

Queening also has plans to open a Pad Bank next year. It will be a place where community members can drop off their donated pads.

Sibongile also added that Queening educates young girls about menstruation, after the sisters realised that some girls believe there's something wrong with them when they experience their first period.

“We had a situation where a young learner got her period for the first time, and she freaked out and got scared. So we saw the need to educate young girls about menstruation, because in some cases for first timers, it knocks their confidence. We want to tell them that it's all natural and there's nothing wrong with their health,” said Sibongile.

With plans of reaching schools across Ikageng, Queening also has volunteers in Mahikeng and Mpumalanga serving those areas. – Health-e News.

Image credit: Health-e news


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