Updated 24 June 2016

Mpumalanga woman forced to give birth in hospital toilet

After being assessed, a Mpumalanga woman was allegedly told by nurses that she was in false labour. She later delivered the baby in the toilet.

A woman who was in full-blown labour and asked medical staff to help her, was allegedly told she was in false labour. In excruciating pain she went to the clinic’s toilet where, all alone and without the help of nurses who were only metres away, she gave birth to her child.

Bad attitude of staff

This is one of two allegations of negligence at Mpumalanga health facilities that the Mpumalanga Department of Health is investigating.

Staff at the Matsula Clinic allegedly refused to come to the aid of the pregnant woman who told them she was in labour. The clinic is in the Ehlanzeni district. According to preliminary information received by the Department, the woman arrived at the clinic and reported that she was having contractions.

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After being assessed, nurses allegeldy told her that it was a false labour. She later delivered the baby in the toilet.

Musa Khoza, who lives in Matsulu and who uses the clinic, alleged the problem at the Matsulu Clinic was “the bad attitude of the entire staff who are too lazy to do their work”.

In the Piet Retief Hospital in the Gert Sibande district, concerns have been raised because of the high mortality rate of children under the age of five. Details were not provided on this but that the high rate of death at childbirth was concerning.

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Bongiwe Buthelezi, a midwife in Piet Retief Hospital alleged that traditional medicine was “a big problem especially to HIV positive mothers as they stop their ARVs. The traditional medicine makes them go into labour faster”.

The MEC for Health, Gillion Mashego expressed shock at the two issues. “We have appointed a team to conduct investigations. Once the investigations have been completed we will decide on the next course of action. This will be informed by the outcomes of the investigations.” – Health-e News

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