Updated 02 April 2015

iNova Pharmaceuticals donates Andolex-C lozenges and Moisture eye drops to Cape firefighters

The courageous firefighters involved in fighting the Cape Town fires have received medications from iNova Pharmaceuticals to help reduce sore throats and eye irritation caused by the blaze.


Over the last few days Cape Town has been threatened by terrible wild fires, which covered an estimated 5 000 hectares in the southern peninsula, destroying several homes and structures.

The fires originally started in the Muizenberg area on Sunday morning but spread quickly due to strong winds and dry conditions.

Thanks to the brave firefighters who have worked tirelessly over the last five days, the majority of the outbreaks are now under control.

While most  of the hard work is over, the firefighters involved face a number of health effects from prolonged exposure to smoke. Many of those involved are suffering from sore throats and eye irritation as a result of their selfless efforts.

For this reason, iNova Pharmaceuticals decided to donate 200 boxes of Andolex-C lozenges to the firefighters based in Lakeside.

Laura Paton, Product Manager for Andolex explains the reasoning behind the donation: “iNova Pharmaceuticals has recognised the firefighters are going beyond the call of duty to help control the fires in Cape Town. Exposure to the smoke for long periods can result in the sore throats the firefighters are experiencing. The firefighters from Lakeside have requested lozenges so we are happy to help.”


Andolex-C lozenges relieve pain and inflammation associated with a sore throat.

“Andolex-C lozenges are used for the relief of inflammatory and painful conditions of the mouth and throat. Benzydamine in Andolex-C lozenges reduce the inflammation and Cetylpyridinium functions as an antiseptic with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.”

Bausch and Lomb, a division of iNova Pharmaceuticals has also decided to make a donation. They will donate Moisture eye drops for the firefighters to help with dry, irritated eyes.

Peter Jones, National Key Account Manager for Bausch and Lomb explains how eye drops can help, “The Moisture Drops are indicated for the relief of burning and irritation from dryness of the eye. As it is an artificial tear product, this will help relieve dryness of the eye due to the current elements they’re exposed to-namely excessive smoke and the heat from the fires.”

Kim Moir from Green Shoots Travel co-ordinated the donation of items to the firefighters on behalf of iNova Pharmaceuticals, whilst Aman Kajee from Synergy Pharmacy presented the lozenges to the firefighters today.

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