30 December 2017

Go Jozi! Here's how the City of Gold is staying healthy

Joburg residents are working together to combat chronic diseases.


In order to shed extra kilos and stay healthy, Joburgers have joined the City of Joburg in their numbers to participate in a new healthy lifestyle initiative called Go Jozi.

The initiative involves aerobics workouts held in regions around the city every two weeks.

Combating lifestyle diseases

The city said the aim is to encourage residents to lead an active lifestyle and prevent lifestyle-related diseases, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke and diabetes.

Sessions have been held since May 2017, and Mandla Mahlangu from the City's Sports and Recreation department said the turnout has generally been impressive.

"Another reason why we are doing this – besides a healthy lifestyle – is to correct social ills and promote nation building and social cohesion among community members."

He said opportunities were made for participants to socialise after the workout.

"The sessions have grown phenomenally well. At each session we see about 30 community members coming to participate, irrespective of their gender, size and age," he said.

One of the participants, Nthabiseng Ramatsokotla, who has since became the instructor, said the benefit has been immense.

"I'm now a role model to majority of young people in my community. This has turned me into a good example on and off the field. In a community that is ravaged by drugs and alcohol, we need things like this to show there is an alternative life," she said. Health-e News

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