13 November 2018

Cholera case reported in Limpopo, patient recovering

A case of cholera has been confirmed in Limpopo, involving a migrant farm worker from Zimbabwe.

Following a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, the Limpopo Department of Health has urged community members to prioritise hygiene after a case of cholera was reported in Blouberg.

The department has issued a statement confirming that one patient has been diagnosed with cholera and is recuperating well in hospital.

 “A case of cholera has been confirmed in Alldays, in the Blouberg area of the Limpopo province. The case involves a migrant farm worker from Zimbabwe working and living in Alldays,” read the statement.

According to the department, the worker is believed to have visited Zimbabwe two weeks back and upon return arrived at Alldays Clinic with acute watery diarrhoea and vomiting. He was then transferred to Helena Franz Hospital for further management. Upon performing laboratory checks on a specimen taken from the patient, a case of cholera was confirmed.

Department spokesperson Neil Shikwambana has confirmed that the incident is isolated and they are further assessing the situation.

“We have been in high alert since the outbreak in Zimbabwe which claimed a lot of lives two months back,” he said.

However the department urge communities are urged to practice proper hygiene and sanitation by washing hands with soap and running water after using the toilet; before and after eating, washing vegetables and fruits before eating, drinking water only from a safe source or sterilizing or boiling before consumption.

The department has activated the District Outbreak Response Team and acted promptly following notifications to conduct further epidemiological and environmental investigations at the farm where the worker lives and all possible risk areas. – Health-e News.

Image credit: iStock


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