Updated 28 October 2015

Gauteng fires thieving health workers

The Gauteng Department of Health has fired 45 staff members for, among other things, validating fraudulent birth certificates and stealing money.


The Gauteng Department of Health will not tolerate any employee involved in corrupt activities, warned Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu.

The department announced in a statement on Wednesday that it fired 45 staff members for, among other things, validating fraudulent birth certificates and stealing money.

Mahlangu warned the department officials to steer away from fraudulent activities.

Taking disciplinary action

"As public servants we have a duty to always promote the culture of honesty and good governance while discharging our functions," she said.

"We will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against anyone suspected of being involved in fraud and corrupt activities."

The dismissed officials were employed in various healthcare facilities around the province.

2 workers were sacked for stealing money and MVA files, while 8 staff were involved in cases of misconduct, fraud and corruption, which included:

- Making use of government stamps to validate fraudulent birth certificates
- Fraud and corruption involving usage of government car without authorisation and dereliction of duty
- Presenting fraudulent medical certificates on two different occasions
- Absence without leave
- Refusal to transport a patient from one facility to another
- Aggressive behaviour and failure to obey instructions from management
- Deliberate offences against staff and patients
- Failure to rotate in the workplace as instructed by management and failure to show regard for patients

Another 35 workers were fired for taking part in an unprotected strike.

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