Updated 17 March 2014

Are these the strangest support groups ever?

Do you think your stress is caused by something strange? It turns out that there's a support group for everyone, literally.


Support groups are there to provide a way for sufferers to share their burden and find ways of coping with their issues, whatever they are. But who would have thought people that would need help with these?

1. Aliens are a reality                              

Yes, that's right – there's help for those who've encountered little green men from outer space!

Mirror news reports that the British support group, the Ammach organisation, annually counsel around 1 500 people who have had strange encounters with extraterrestrial life.

One of the group members says he has an alien family, and he visits them too!

2. Yelling at inanimate objects

Seen someone talk to or scream at a mannequin, stuffed animal or their cell phone? Apparently it's normal – at least for 366 Facebook users it is!

Members of the Facebook group "I yell at inanimate objects" agree that an object must be screamed at when it doesn't provide the service expected from it.

One of the followers of this group says she yells at her car when it stalls in the middle of an intersection, and that she’ll continue screaming "until things change".

This may well be the reason behind some of those mystery traffic jams ...


3. Selfish husbands

You would think that women who are in unhappy marriages with someone they consider to be selfish would leave them? Maybe not.

The support group "My husband’s a selfish ass" may offer them the comfort needed to continue their relationship with the spouse they deem inconsiderate.

“My husband is the most self-centred and entitled man I've ever met. He makes me want to hit him in the face with a bat," wrote one of the members of this group.

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4. Farts are fabulous!

Despite the widely held belief that we all fancy the smell of our own farts, this phenomenon isn't weird to members of the Facebook group "I like to smell of my own farts".

These participants claim their glorious flatulence resembles the smell of roses and that happiness comes from within.

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5. Small penis support

With over 3 900 participating in conversations in the group "I have a small penis", it's clear that size does really matter.

Topics of conversation include how to make the most of your petite package, and how to prepare women for the not-so-grand unveiling.

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