Updated 22 June 2015

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If you're feeling clueless and out of the loop because you missed what's trending in the world of health this week, then luck is on your side, because we've taken a snap shot of the top stories of the week, just for you.

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1. Drugs found in Blue Ribbon Bread

Health24 reported how a woman found four "bankies" of drugs hidden in load of Blue Ribbon bread. She bought the bread at an informal shop in Cape Town and discovered the drugs while making sandwiches for her children.

For the full story: Drugs found in Blue Ribbon bread

Best read on Health24:

2. If you had the flu it was most likely the swine flu

If you're feeling groggy you need to head to the doctor's surgery fast because the National Institute of Communicable Diseases has confirmed that most South Africans who have fallen ill with flu this winter were infected with influenza A H1N1 (swine flu). The flu map in the article shows that there is very high flu activity in the Western Cape.

Read: Swine flu in South Africa

3. Mind your neck if your have a cell phone

Health24's Yentl Barros dug into the next possible epidemic in South Africa: Text Neck. Apparently looking down at your cell phone places pressure on your cervical spine, which could lead to permanent spinal damage. Hence the term 'Text Neck'.

It might be worthwhile to get all the details if you don't want your cellphone to break your neck.

4. Celebrities who love to masturbate

This week people were also very interested in celebs who enjoy some self-loving. Even if it's not your thing, it is quite interesting to know that the man who dated Katy Perry admitted to getting down and dirty solo-style.

If you're keen to know which of the world’s flashiest celebs are 'jerking off' then this one's for you.

5. How Discovery Health messed us around

Customer complaints about medical schemes are nothing new, but Mr and Mrs Venter ditched Discovery Health after having to pay R17 000 for their one-year-old's hospital stay. The medical scheme explained their side of the story but, the Venter's maintain that they were messed around by the scheme and say they ended up paying for the errors of the fund's management.

For the details, check out 'how Discovery Health messed them around'.

6. Skinny jeans, a vaginal irritation

Skinnies are sexy, but judging by the readership of this article, it seems that a bunch of women are concerned that it may be bad for their vagina. The facts, according to the experts, are that the figure-hugging denims may actually aggravate yeast infections.

Here's more on wearing those crotches-clinchers and staying comfy down there.

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