26 June 2015

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This week, us health-conscious folk learnt that sauces can be more sugary than Coca Cola and that condoms may soon warn us of STIs. Get looped in!


Being away doesn't mean you have to miss out. We've got you covered. Check out the short version of what was trending on Health24 this week.

1. SA's favourite sauces filled with sugar

If you thought fizzy drinks were the sweetest things ever, then think again. This infographic shows that SA's favourite condiments are ridden with sugar, with some of them containing even more sugar (per 100ml) than Coke.

See for yourself: What's SA's most sugary sauce?

2. Bread is full of harmful additives

It turns out that the staple food for most South Africans is now regarded by many as no longer fit for human consumption. This is because many bread manufactures add the chemical azodicarbonamide (ADA) to bread loaves. This chemical improves the texture of bread. Problem is, it's the same chemical used to make yoga mats and other rubbery objects.

Have a look at why bread

3. Things women wish you knew

For some reason, this week, men wanted to know all the things their partners won't say to their face and if they took the advice in this article, then they'd be getting it right this weekend. Ladies, prepare yourselves to be satisfied!

Check out what men learned in Things women wish you knew

4. Colour-changing condom can detect if you have an STI

One-night stands, they happen. Problem is they could leave with an STI. But, not if these smart condoms have their way. Three teenage boys have come up with a concept that will allow condoms to glow a different colour in the presence of an STI, making it easier for you to know when to leave the room.

Check out how the smart condom would work

5. A South African model revels in her albino skin

It's not everyday we hear of an albino model showing off her beauty on the runway, but Thando Hopa's doing it! She's gorgeous, have a look.

And there you have it. Have a healthy, happy weekend!


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