08 December 2015

Nazareth House fundraising goes digital this December

Nazareth House Cape Town, a non-profitable organisation that homes abused, abandoned, terminally ill and severely disabled children, is seeking funds to keep the organisation afloat.

Nazareth House, a home to abused, abandoned, terminally ill and severely disabled children, has entered the age of digital fundraising this December – tapping into the global trend for using digital channels, to confront the challenge of raising R7.5 million a year to fund its operations in Cape Town.

Amazing work

The 94 Children & You campaign runs across social media, email, Google display network and SMS, and targets Canada, Europe and South Africa. It includes a new website showcasing the amazing work it does for the 94 children in its care and an easy-to-use donor page.

Nazareth House has to raise R7.5 million a year to fund its operations in Cape Town (there are also homes in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Zimbabwe). Consider that 10 000 nappies last just a month and a half, and you have a sense of the scale of the challenge.

The stories of many of these children’s lives before they found sanctuary at Nazareth House, are filled with the horrors of neglect, sexual and physical abuse, malnourishment and HIV. A typical scenario is young Sipho (a pseudonym) who came to Nazareth House aged 1, having spent most of his life in hospital a victim of parental drug abuse and neglect.

Sipho was hospitalised when he was just 6 months old and remained there for almost a year, at which point the Court ordered he be placed at Nazareth House, where staff ensured he received his daily medication and made regular visits to the clinic.

During an early session on the lawn beneath the palm trees, the occupational therapist noticed Sipho’s toes curl up – as if walking on grass for the first time! A year down the line and he has undergone an incredible transformation.

'Every Rand, Pound and Dollar counts'

Having reached developmental milestones and his healthcare needs well managed, the Court ruled Sipho was ready to be placed in foster care and he has been introduced to his new family, with social workers continuing to monitor his progress.

“While we are sad to say goodbye to this gentle soul, we are so pleased to have been able to care for him and be a part of seeing him grow and develop,” says Werner Laubscher, CEO of Nazareth House.

This life changing work cannot be done without the support of donors. “If we don’t receive donations we can’t function. It’s that simple,” says Werner. “Every Rand, Pound and Dollar counts, and each person who donates is making a difference to these children’s lives.”

To bring light to abandoned, abused and neglected children donate online at or SMS ‘94’ to 40307 to donate R20.

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