Updated 06 March 2014

Who can ride the Argus Cycle Tour twice in one day?

Cyclists will be invited to tackle the 2014 Cycle Tour twice in one day – but only if they can make it back to the start line in time.

Avid cyclists eager to complete two Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tours in one day can now officially do so, But only if they qualify!  The Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, organisers of the annual iconic event, have announced that they will identify and invite riders who are fit enough to make it back to the start before the final group departs at around 10am, and only those will be eligible to ride Cycle Tour twice in 2014.

“We receive requests every year and after careful consideration, the Trust has agreed to invite qualifying riders to attempt the 109km route twice on  race day this year,” David Bellairs, a Director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, explains.

Although many will want to jump at the chance for the second attempt, very strict rules and conditions will apply. 

Bellairs stresses that only a few cyclists will be invited to tackle the challenge. “Realistically, only cyclists in the top six seeding groups will qualify to ride the route twice. It is physically impossible for riders in the remaining groups to be back at the starting point in time to start with the last start group of the day and make it through each of our cut-off points on the route within the allocated time,” adds Bellairs.

Record time

Cyclists invited to participate will pay for two entries and will have both race times recorded. 

Two individuals who have already been invited to take on the challenge are Andrew Wheeldon and Grant Quixley. While Quixley will cycle the route twice to achieve a personal goal, Wheeldon, Managing Director of Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) will cycle the second to raise money for his charity. 

“Our aim at BEN is to get more people cycling, more often, to address economic, environmental and social poverty. We want to lower the cost of mobility, reduce carbon emissions, and connect all South Africans with one another while they travel together,” explains Wheeldon.

The second lap

“My second lap in this year’s Cycle Tour is to raise funds to buy more bicycles and facilitate more bicycle training to those who have not experienced the simple joy of riding a bike,” continues Wheeldon, who is aiming for a sub-3 time for his first lap, and 3 hours 30 minutes for his charitable second lap.

Quixley, who is also aiming for a sub-3 time on his first lap and then 4 hours 30 minutes for his second lap, says: “My main motivation for riding the route twice this year is to take it a little easier the second time round, to stop – or at least slow down occasionally – and to really take in the energy and excitement along the route.  I’ve taken part in Cycle Tour since 2003 and I've never really had the chance to appreciate the effort and imagination that goes into administering and supporting such an iconic event, so I’m really looking forward to riding it twice this year.”

For more information on the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour or to find out more about riding the Cycle Tour twice in 2014, visit

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