Updated 25 August 2015

Healthcare Innovation Summit set for Johannesburg

The HealthCare Summit and technology executives will convene at the Protea Fire & Ice Hotel in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg for the African Innovator Round Tables : Healthcare Innovation Summit.


The Summit will be held on 19 August 2015, and will address the theme – “Transforming Healthcare with Technology.”

The State of Healthcare in Africa:

On all indicators of health, Africa lags behind the rest of the world, and behind poor countries of South-East and South Asia, regions that were behind Africa when measured on these metrics a few decades ago. 

Africans live, on average, 14 years less than the average world citizen, and 21 years less than the average European (KPMG). 

But the whole continent is not blighted: there are success stories here and there, some countries or cities in which multilateral institutions, governments, private firms or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have come up with ideas or programmes that have had a big, positive impact on the local population.

The critical need for this summit:

Access to facilities and medication, lack of skills and chronic disease care continue to place demands on existing healthcare resources in Africa, while economic turbulence propels governments to scrutinise healthcare budgets and efficacy for technology adoption. 

Equally importantly, a growing expectation on safety, access and enhanced patient experience from the consumer space urges healthcare services to be further integrated and ubiquitous.

In order to address these challenges, African governments and healthcare providers must turn to technology innovation especially in the areas of:

– Mobility

– Clinical decision support

– Patient management systems

– Data analysis and business intelligence for healthcare resource planning

PHASA aims to:

– Advocate for the conditions for a healthy society.

– Promote teaching and research in public health issues.

– Support the publication of relevant materials.

– Encourage and facilitate measures for disease prevention and health promotion.

Sponsored by Telkom, healthcare and technology executives will convene at the Protea Fire&Ice Hotel in Melrose Arch, Johannesberg for the upcoming Healthcare Innovation Summit.The Summit will be held on 19 August 2015, and will address the theme – “Transforming Healthcare with Technology.”

Topics to be discussed at the Healthcare Innovation Summit include:

– The future of medicine: healing hands or robotic arms

– Telemedicine as a model for healthcare service delivery: Is Africa ready for “care at a distance"

– Protecting pharmaceutical intellectual property rights in Africa

– Towards universal health coverage with mobile money

– Bringing Technology Innovation to Cancer Treatment and Delivery

– Data analysis and business intelligence for healthcare resource planning

– POPI: The impact on Healthcare

Why should you attend?

At the Healthcare Innovation Summit, delegates will have the opportunity to take part in in-depth round table discussions, which will cover technological issues that affect the development of healthcare in Africa, as well as hear from a number of top-flight local and international speakers.

Conference Information:

Date: August 19, 2015

Delegate Fee: R4 950

Early Bird Fee: R3 950 (Ending 13 July 2015)

Group Discounts: Discounts for multiple delegates booked from the same company at the same time, are available as follows:

– 3 or more delegates – 5% discount per delegate – 5 or more delegates – 10% discount per delegate

The conference registration fee includes entry into all round table sessions, networking sessions, all conference documents, delegate bags, corporate gifts and USB sticks, light lunch and refreshments.

Rising costs, changing demographics and growing consumer expectations are changing healthcare. Providers and payers are seeking better quality care and improved outcomes whilst striving for much more efficient models of delivery.

These pressures for transformation are changing the status of IT in healthcare as it facilitates an information revolution in healthcare. Increasingly, ICT is being used more collaboratively to support and drive substantial cultural and strategic change and provide the infrastructure, processes and tools to support this.

This African Innovator Roundtable on Innovation in Healthcare has been developed to provide critical input for stakeholders in healthcare, providing objective, timely, evaluation of the different healthcare challenges and applications and solutions for tackling them.

To Book: Contact: Vardis Banga or Bino de Gouveia [f] 0866 130 386 [t] +27 11 026 0981 [e]

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