19 December 2017

10 most popular stories on Health24 in 2017

These are the stories that Health24 readers found most interesting this year:

'The plane is going to crash': Anxiety aboard flight SAA 323

It was an emotionally turbulent two hours in the air for a panic-stricken passenger on a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town – fortunately a stranger came to the rescue. Health24 investigated.

SA on alert: What you should know about the deadly Listeriosis outbreak

In December, Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi announced that more than 30 people have died since the start of an outbreak of Listeriosis.

Approximately 557 cases have been reported, with the majority occurring in Gauteng province. Motsoaledi said they had traced 70 patients, of whom 36 have died.

SA on alert: what you should know about the 'black death' plague

News24 reported on 25 October that South Africa was one of nine countries warned by the World Health Organization (WHO) to take precautionary measures against the "black death" plague, mainly known as bubonic plague, which can be treated successfully with antibiotics.

'I gave up coffee for 14 days – and this is what happened'

coffee drinker, addict

What happens when a self-confessed coffee-holic gives up coffee for 14 days? News24 intern James de Villiers found out.

‘I gave up sugar for 14 days and this is what happened’

Just how difficult is it to completely give up sugar – especially if you are a self-confessed sugar-holic?

We introduce Stefni Herbert, a Health24 content producer who consumes more sugar per day than just about the entire team combined!

This man has been injecting snake venom for 30 years – and this is what happened

For nearly 30 years, London-based reptile enthusiast and musician Steve Ludwin has been injecting himself with snake venom – a practice that has almost killed him.

SEE: Meet the man with the most teeth in the world

man with many teeth

The average person has 32 teeth, which we use to bite into a delicious apple, chew a piece of meat or form the sounds in certain words.

But what happens when we have too many teeth? “No problem,” you mutter under your breath, “one or two more can’t hurt, right?” Maybe not, but how about five extra teeth?

Meet Vijay Kumar from India who has 37 teeth – with five more than the average person he holds the world record for the person with the largest number of teeth.

SEE: Why people are freaking out about pictures of holes

phobia is an irrational and persistent fear of certain objects or situations. Some people have an intense fear of snakes and others can’t stand the thought of public speaking.

But a small number of people have a fear of something quite unique: holes. It’s known as trypophobia, and very little research exists on the condition. In fact, some researchers are referring to it as “the most common phobia you have never heard of”.

'Use dagga every day,' doctors tell HIV patients

Research presented at the 9th International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science in Paris suggests daily cannabis use could have a protective benefit on the liver of patients co-infected with hepatitis C and HIV.

'I never had sex, so how could I be HIV positive?'

Saidy Brown was 14 when she discovered that she was HIV positive. Now 22, she spoke openly about the day that changed her life at the 8th National Aids Conference. 

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