17 October 2007

What is crystal healing?

Originating from deep within the earth’s crust, crystals have inspired, mystified and entranced people throughout the millennia. Learn more about their healing powers.


Originating from deep within the earth’s crust, crystals have inspired, mystified and entranced people throughout the millennia.

History has shown that every single ancient culture has made use of the gift of crystals in their everyday lives. The earliest recordings of the adoption of crystal healing date back to the ancient Egyptians, India’s Ayurvedic records, traditional Chinese medicine of over five thousand years ago, and by the Inuit of Canada.

Crystals widely used
According to existing research, many crystals have piezoelectric properties. Piezoelectricity is the ability of numerous crystals and some ceramic materials to generate electrical information in the form of light, in response to compression or mechanical stress.

Researchers now also know that crystals are more complex in their molecular structure than previously imagined.

The energy generated by crystals is being used in modern medical practices in the form of ultra-sound machines. Use of piezoelectricity for sonar devices was first developed during the First World War. Since then, scientists have also made use of quartz crystals to aid in the workings of machinery, such as watches and computer microchips.

Alexandrite, another important crystal to the world of science, has been used to produce the windows of space craft and satellites, as it has the ability to filter out harmful cosmic rays.

Crystals are being utilised in many sectors and are now also being re-introduced on a wider scale for their proposed healing properties.

Stable current sent out
“The beauty of crystals and gemstones alike is that each and every one, depending on its molecular structure, will send out a constant and stable current or message,” says Crystal Healing therapist and Reiki Practitioner, Markus van der Westhuizen.

“Let’s take the example of a rose quartz. No matter what shape it is, or whether it’s polished, or in its rough form, the message it emits will be the same as any other rose quartz. In other words, you could break off a piece of crystal from a larger chunk and it would still emanate the same message as the original piece.”

He goes on to explain that different shapes of crystal will send out the specific message in a very particular way. For example, a crystal wand will send the message out in a focused ray, while a sphere will send the same message out in all directions.

“If you understand the concept that everything in our physical and non-physical world is made up of continuously vibrating atoms, then this concept can also be applied to how crystals work. When you hold or wear a crystal, the unique message from it is emanated into your body, passing the message from cell to cell – and this is where the healing takes place.”

- (Charlene Yared, October 2007)

For more information contact:
Markus van der Westhuizen
Registered Reiki Master Teacher (RMASA) and Crystal Healer
Cell: 072 952 3630


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