09 October 2007

The kahuna massage

Does the idea of having your entire body massaged in long, powerful strokes appeal to you? Then get André's take on the Kahuna massage. Then grab some cash and clear your diary.

The kahuna massage is based on the ancient Lomilomi system. Lomilomi means “massage” and was first practised by the ancient island dwellers from the Polynesian triangle and more specifically by healers from Hawaii.

The Kahuna massage is a deep, rhythmical, full-body massage and fingers, knuckles, heels, palms, forearms and elbow are all used. Its proponents claim that it releases congested energy in the body and improves circulation. According to, Lomilomi was traditionally practised in four contexts:

  • as a healing practice employed by native healers and diagnosticians;
  • as a luxury and an aid to digestion, especially by the ruling chiefs;
  • as a restorative massage within the family; and
  • by masters of the Hawaiian martial arts.

Health24 team member André Britz gave it a go:

What it felt like
The massage was unlike any I’ve had before. My entire body was massaged in long, powerful strokes – from my neck, over my back, and down the entire length of my body to my feet.

The 1½-hour session also included massaging of my arms and shoulders and stretching my calves and upper legs.

The unique feature was that the practitioner breathed deeply, so I quickly caught the rhythm and started breathing myself. This resulted in deep relaxation.

My body reacted severely: the next day I was stiff and my glands were swollen. But I could only blame myself as I didn’t drink enough water and didn’t get sufficient rest – it was Saturday after all! Still, after a day of being very grumpy, I felt great. I was relaxed and alert, and my body moved much more easily.

The verdict
I recommend this massage to anyone who suffers from stress. But if you suffer from serious medical conditions and/or injuries, you should consult your doctor first.

Be prepared to be covered with oil after a Kahuna session and remember to take things easy for the rest of the day. Take a hot bath and get some sleep.

For a 1½-hour session, expect to pay around R300.

For more information or to book a session, contact:
Aldi Groenewald
(Lomi lomi Level 4, Reiki II, Registered Yoga Teacher)
YogaWithin (
Cell: 083 232 8238



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