17 October 2007

Selecting a stone

As each crystal and gemstone possesses its own specific healing message, care must be taken when choosing the stone.


As each crystal and gemstone possesses its own specific healing message, care must be taken when choosing the stone, according to Crystal Healing therapist and Reiki Practitioner, Markus van der Westhuizen.

You may want to do research on an array of crystals which have the healing properties to match your ailment, be it physical, emotional or intellectual. There are ample crystal-healing books available on the market.

Four different methods
Quoting Michael Gienger in his book, Markus describes four ways in which the selection process for the right crystal can be employed, through the various senses:

“Choosing the stone just by looking at it, through your sense of sight, is an indicator that the stone will be beneficial to healing at a soul level,” says Markus.

“The soul is our inner world of images that has stored all impressions and experiences of our current and past lives. The soul perceives everything and nothing is lost – something we are made conscious of through unexpected memories of things we had thought we had forgotten long ago.”

Through your senses
The second way of choosing the stone through your senses, as explained by Markus, is through your sense of touch – using your hand as a tool to select a crystal.

“According to Michael Gienger, our bodies possess a very finely tuned sensitivity that is always present, even when you are not consciously aware of it. Depending on our general state at a given moment, we will automatically choose things that will help us balance ourselves – in this case a stone that represents a balancing factor for an inner deficiency or excess,” says Markus.

“At the precise moment when your hand is close to the stone, the information radiated by the stone will already begin to have an effect.”

Through hearing or reading
Thirdly, Gienger explains that one can select a crystal though hearing or reading the name of the stone, without having touched or seen it before – this is the stone to help you heal at an intellectual level.

“This choice is a conscious and reasonable one, compared to choosing visually,” says Markus. “When you are choosing a stone via the word, you know what qualities of the stone are necessary to help you heal in a particular area of your life.”

Choosing at random
The fourth and final way Markus describes to select a stone, is by choosing the stone completely at random.

“A random stone may come to you in many ways. Someone may give you a stone as a gift, or you could pick it up in nature. It represents a decision you have made and the result of which you will experience now or in the future,” says Markus.

“Michael Gienger says that if you keep the message of the stone in your consciousness you will experience how you actually determine your own life. The stone will improve your means of perception and will make you conscious of your spiritual capabilities.”

Another way to go about selecting an appropriate crystal is to consult a crystal healer, who will be able to assist you through a crystal-healing therapy session. The crystal healer may choose a crystal for the client, which is also a form of choosing a stone at random.

- (Charlene Yared, October 2007)

For more information contact:
Markus van der Westhuizen
Registered Reiki Master Teacher (RMASA) and Crystal Healer
Cell: 072 952 3630


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