26 March 2008

Pellowah healing technique

The Pellowah healing technique is a newcomer to the world of alternative healing. Its proponents say it is 'the purest form of healing available'. Amy Henderson tried it out.


The Pellowah healing technique is a relative newcomer to the world of alternative healing. Its proponents say it is 'the purest form of healing available'.

Pellowah is claimed to be an 'angelic' term for ‘radical shift in consciousness', and the technique is claimed to be aimed at gently shifting the person being healed in an essential and meaningful way.

How it is done
According to the official Pellowah website, this technique connects all 12 strands of DNA and 'readies them for activation'. Practitioners claim they can unblock and realign the meridians within the body to give the person being healed a feeling of well-being which will open them up for the radical shift of consciousness.

During the session, you lie down on a bed in a serene environment. The treatment usually lasts about an hour, during which time the practitioner becomes a 'vessel for the Pellowah healing technique'.

How it feels
When I arrived at Timothy van Minnen's house for my Pellowah healing, I (like you, probably) had never heard of the technique.

After being given a brief explanation about what to expect and what he would be doing, I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes.

It was not long before I felt completely relaxed. Every now and then my legs would jerk involuntarily and haul my mind back to the present, or my arms would give a little shudder. Timothy assured me this was perfectly normal.

According to, the effects of the healing are different for every person, but can include a light feeling and a sense of wellness.

I can definitely say I felt revived, although I had a terrible thirst afterwards. Timothy explained that this was because the body was gently detoxifying itself. I was advised to drink lots of water in the following hours.

The verdict
To be honest, I don’t really know what to make of it. I didn’t really feel a difference, but it is possible that Pellowah Healing only works after a few sessions, as is the case with Reiki.

Timothy advised that to get the full benefit of the healing, you should have three or four sessions. It is said that after a few sessions you will become more objective and empowered to protect yourself emotionally.

This feeling is said to increase over time: according to its proponents, the strength and sense of well-being the Pellowah technique provides is subtle but persuasive

Source: Timothy van Minnen at 021-558-8481, and

(Amy Henderson, Health24, March 2008)


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