30 July 2008

Meditation: A personal story

Metaphysical healer and counsellor, Dina Cramer shares her personal story as to how meditation changed her life.


Metaphysical healer and counsellor, Dina Cramer shares her personal story as to how meditation changed her life:

How meditation changed my life
There have been so many people who have contacted me to tell me about the way that meditation has changed their lives. The lists have been endless: from improved health, wealth, relationships, career to decreased stress levels and a general feeling of well-being. However, I am going to tell you how meditation has changed my life and why I am so passionate about meditation.

Before I started meditating I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. I was very unhappy within myself. I felt totally lost and utterly alone. My relationship with my husband was a disaster. I was very withdrawn and was feeling totally inadequate as a mother.

In the beginning, I found meditation very difficult. My mind was over-active and would not surrender. I would come out of my meditations feeling quite uneasy and anxious. Only later was I to discover that this can be part of the healing and cleansing process that meditation creates. It was stirring up all my anger and resentment and bringing it to the surface in order for it to be released. However, I persevered because somewhere inside myself I knew that meditation was good for me.

And now, I am so glad that I persevered. My life has changed 180 degrees. I am so much happier within myself. My relationship with my husband has blossomed into a beautiful friendship and loving partnership. I feel more at peace with my mothering role and enjoy being a mother. I no longer have chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, I have not had to visit a doctor for many years. I have discovered my spirituality and am using it as a guide to help other people find theirs.

I feel as though I am living the life that I was destined to live and that I'm on the right path. I have no regrets. Life is beautiful! And although I cannot attribute all of this solely to the fact that I meditate everyday, it is a very big part of the picture. I have worked very hard on healing myself for many years now, but meditation has always been the central key to my healing process.

- (Dina Cramer, updated July 2008)

[For more information on meditation, contact Dina Cramer on (011) 465 4737 or e-mail her:]


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