14 January 2008

Consulting a medium

Andre Britz went to see a medium - and emerged with her scepticism intact.


I went to consult a medium. In spite of his name, Wayne Wei Ling is a Canadian, and describes himself as a mystic, medium and trans-channel.

Of course I'm aware of the scepticism around alternative healers and mediums. Mediums, especially: there is, by definition, no proof that they are really communicating with the spirits of the deceased – nor is there any proof, outside our own wishful thinking, that dead people are alive enough to, and interested in, bringing messages to the living.

I took my scepticism into the meeting, and I remain a sceptic, despite the events that transpired on the afternoon I went to meet him.

Messages from beyond the grave
I was part of a group of about ten. Wayne introduced himself, chatted to us about being a medium, and described his new healing therapy called 'Blue Healing'. He subsequently went on to receive messages from beyond the grave.

I have done research on cold reading, a practise where 'mediums' carefully read the way their clients react to their prompts, and give ‘messages’ based on those reactions, obviously claiming that they're messages from the other side. This is fairly easy if you've got well-developed powers of observation – most of us 'read' others in the day-to-day course of our interactions with family and colleagues and respond accordingly. Although we don’t usually make supernatural claims for our observations.

This is where Wayne was problematic for me – his eyes were closed most of the time, so he wasn't reading any of us. And the revelations he offered included information he could not have known or picked up from any reactions.

Naturally, as is sadly always the case with me, no-one wanted to speak to me from the ‘other side’. So he offered to do a private reading – like I am, my ancestors are apparently dreadfully private people.

My personal reading
First Wayne did a personal reading in terms of who I am. Now this isn’t very hard – anyone who meets me immediately realises that I am analytical, a sceptic, and very private with a large personal space. But he could not have known the intimate details about my youth.

He told me there were two older women wanting to talk to me. After telling me the clues they were giving him, I deduced they were my two grandmothers. He gave me their ages when they died, what they looked like, in what surroundings they lived, specific details about their lives, and things that we had done together. They both sent me similar messages: laugh more, wear more bright colours, love more, and be more open to love. Interestingly, my granny also showed him that I will be holding a baby in the near future!

I know that this may seem vague, but there's no way he was guessing. I was careful in my reaction and responses to him – the details he conveyed were things he could not possibly have known.

So here is what I think – even if it isn’t 'true', why not live with a little more love and laughter?

I also decided that my goal for 2008 will be to do as many random acts of sneaky kindness as I possibly can.

Just for the hell of it.

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